We are matcha enthusiasts who love to indulge in our daily matcha ceremonies.

Our passion

Our passion for matcha took us on a long discovery journey and we have become the number one matcha authority site.

We match-a, you-matcha!

When you feed your body with goodness and love, it is so, so good to you in return. It’s the most empowering, amazing feeling! YouMatcha!

Matcha Tea Meditation

Our Founder

 Hi, matcha-lover-to be! I am Severina Panteleeva, the creator of YouMatcha. I am a former coffee junkie and a present matcha aficionado. I love wellness of all shapes and sizes; yoga, healthy food, Ayurveda and sports.


I first discovered matcha a few years ago during one of my trips to Asia. I was struck by its silky smoothness, sweet grassy taste and the alert calmness it promoted. That was back in the times when the word “matcha” sounded just like another carate shout.

I wanted to have more of “matcha” and I started studying this “wonder drink”. Ever since, I’ve tasted hundreds of matcha varieties and can proudly call myself a true “matchist”.

The idea to create YouMatcha came naturally as I wanted to spread the word about this “wonder drink”.

I believe that:

“Matcha is the new coffee – only better!”

Coffee will be a drink of the past in 5 years. And we are here to spread the word!

We also believe the calming sensation that comes from drinking matcha is universal, and that we all need more zen in our lives.

Our Promise

We promise to be honest, genuine and objective, and to always be the best matcha source available online!

Our Appeal

By joining YouMatcha, you join a revolutionary wellness movement. Discover the power of a mind, body and spirit unity.

Start your own personal wellness revolution by drinking matcha!